Phase transitions in atomic nuclei

Oct 15, 2020, 9:35 AM


Plenary report Section 1. Experimental and theoretical studies of the properties of atomic nuclei. Plenary


R.V. Jolos (BLTP JINR)


A structure of atomic nuclei have many examples of a phase transitions with increase of the excitation energy, rotational moment and changing of the number of nucleons. These are phase transitions in the equilibrium shape and structure of the ground and low-lying excited states related to symmetry changed. The problem of phase transitions has caused of new wave of researches of the structure of atomic nuclei. In the review are considered different examples of nuclear phase transitions. Description of phase transitions in collective nuclear model and microscopic aspects of phase transitions are discussed.

Primary author

R.V. Jolos (BLTP JINR)


E.A. Kolganova (BLTP JINR) E.V. Mardyban (BLTP JINR) D.A. Sazonov (Dubna State University) T.M. Shneidman (BLTP JINR)

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