Past Conferences

  • Next conference 8th MEDAMI, Livorno, Italy, September 2024
  • 7th MEDAMI, Multimodality molecular neuro-imaging, Portorož, Slovenia, Sept. 4.-7., 2022
  • 6th MEDAMI, Imaging in immunotherapy, Valencia, Spain, May 15-17, 2019
  • 5th MEDAMI, Multimodality and multiparametric imaging in advancing healthcare towards personalized medicine, Orosei, May 31 - June 4, 2017
  • 4th MEDAMI,  Personalized Medicine, a Paradigm Shift for Medical Imaging, Ajaccio Bay, Corsica, France, May 1-5, 2016
  • 3rd MEDAMI,  Translating technology from nuclear and particle physics to the clinic: addressing medical needs by detector know-how with a focus on organ-specific imaging, Alghero (Sardinia), Italy, September 3–7, 2014
  • 2nd MEDAMI, Low Dose Screening, Mallorca, Spain, September 25-28, 2013
  • 1st MEDAMI,  Brain Imaging, Advanced Molecular Brain Imaging with Compact High Performance MRI Compatible PET and SPECT Imagers - Potential for a Paradigm Shift, September 1-2,  2012, Taormina (Sicily), Italy

Meetings before MEDAMI era: