MEDAMI 2022 - Multimodality molecular neuro-imaging: clinical and technical state-of-the-art

from Monday, September 5, 2022 (7:00 AM) to Wednesday, September 7, 2022 (5:00 PM)
Portorož (James Cook)

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Sep 5, 2022
Sep 6, 2022
Sep 7, 2022
8:00 AM
Introduction / degeneration / addiction / trauma (until 10:00 AM) (James Cook)
8:00 AM Introduction - Vesna Sossi (University of British Columbia)   (James Cook)
8:20 AM What we really need in the clinic - John Olivier Prior   (James Cook)
8:50 AM Multimodality in the context of understanding of brain function in psychiatry/addiction - Prof. Ilan Rabiner ( King's College London)   (James Cook)
9:20 AM Multimodality in the context of understanding of brain function in health and dementia/neurodegeneration/brain trauma   (James Cook)
10:00 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:30 AM
Tracers and other modalities (until 12:30 PM) (James Cook)
10:30 AM Current status of brain tracers in the context of (i) other modalities and (ii) neurodegeneration/brain trauma/psychiatry/addiction; new imaging biomarkers and drug targets including proteinpathy - Prof. Gunn Roger (Imperial College London)   (James Cook)
11:00 AM Tradeoffs between Full Kinetic Modeling and Simplified Approaches in Neuropsychiatric PET - Prof. Richard Carson (Yale University)   (James Cook)
11:30 AM Bridging scales with neuroimaging: challenges and opportunities (MRI talk)   (James Cook)
12:00 PM EEG/MEG talk   (James Cook)
8:00 AM
Oncology (until 10:00 AM) (James Cook)
8:00 AM Neurobiology of cancer - imaging as a priority in cancer mamagement   (James Cook)
8:30 AM Multimodality as realted to brain cancer   (James Cook)
9:00 AM Current status of brain tracers in the context of (i) other modalities and (ii) oncology   (James Cook)
9:30 AM Role of imaging in radiation therapy / theranostics   (James Cook)
10:00 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:30 AM
Other techniques/ analysis (until 12:30 PM) (James Cook)
10:30 AM Spectral/photon counting/dual energy CT in neuro application - Prof. Thorsten Fleitner (University of Maryland)   (James Cook)
11:00 AM Role of imaging in neurosurgery   (James Cook)
11:30 AM Introduction into the topic of spectral/photon counting CT in clinical (neuro)application   (James Cook)
12:00 PM Radiomics and multi-modal analysis   (James Cook)
8:00 AM
Whole body imaging in the context of brain (until 10:00 AM) (James Cook)
8:00 AM Whole-body kinetic modeling - Prof. Richard Carson (Yale University)   (James Cook)
8:30 AM Brain to organs connnection   (James Cook)
9:00 AM The Explorer   (James Cook)
9:30 AM UPenn Explorer - Prof. Joel Karp (University of Pennsylvania)   (James Cook)
10:00 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:30 AM
Accessibilty and data sharing (until 12:30 PM) (James Cook)
10:30 AM Vision of an efficient/low cost imaging and tracer/imaging distribution model ( includes access to cyclotrons/distribution of cyclotrons/ small ones vs larger one) – description of the major challenges encountered by developing countries   (James Cook)
11:00 AM Data harmonization   (James Cook)
11:20 AM Regulatory hurdles on data sharing   (James Cook)
11:50 AM AI analysis of large data sets - Dimitris Visvikis (National Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, INSERM, Brest, France)   (James Cook)
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
PET and SPECT technologies (until 4:30 PM) (James Cook)
2:00 PM Design considerations for (clinical) brain dedicated PET/MR and PET/CT systems” - Craig Levin (Stanford University)   (James Cook)
2:30 PM TOF in brain imaging: advanced and impact - Paul Rene Michel Lecoq   (James Cook)
3:00 PM Development of photodetectors for the next generation of TOF PET scanners - Giacomo Borghi (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)   (James Cook)
3:30 PM Revival of BGO with Cherenkov light - Rok Pestotnik (Jozef Stefan Institute (SI))   (James Cook)
4:00 PM Front-end readout, Data Acquisition and ASICs for the next generation TOF PET scanners - Stefaan Tavernier (Vrije Universiteit Brussel (BE))   (James Cook)
4:30 PM --- Coffee break ---
5:00 PM
Preclinical (until 5:50 PM) (James Cook)
5:00 PM Role of animal models in neurodegeneration and drug development   (James Cook)
5:30 PM Round Table   (James Cook)
6:00 PM
Posters and reception (until 8:00 PM) (James Cook)
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
1:30 PM
Dedicated preclinical/ brain imagig systems /algorithms (until 4:05 PM) (James Cook)
1:30 PM CareMiBrain (PET) and MindView (PET/MR) – the i3M story - Antonio J. Gonzalez Martinez Jose Maria Benlloch Rodriguez (Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) (ES))   (James Cook)
2:00 PM Trimage - alberto Del Guerra (University of Pisa)   (James Cook)
2:30 PM Mobile PET developments – brain imaging in motion - Stanislaw Majewski (University of California, Davis)   (James Cook)
3:00 PM Technical advances in preclinicial imaging   (James Cook)
3:25 PM Advanced image reconstruction/how much can AI ‘compensate' for lower dose   (James Cook)
3:45 PM Developments of the Helmet PET: past and future   (James Cook)
4:35 PM --- Social event ---
7:30 PM --- Conference dinner ---
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
1:30 PM
Vision (until 3:00 PM) (James Cook)
1:30 PM Vision for the next 10 years   (James Cook)
2:00 PM Summary and discussion   (James Cook)
3:00 PM --- Farewell coffee ---