NuFact 2021 is the twentysecond in the series of yearly international workshops which started in 1999.  The main goal of the workshop is to review the progress of current and future facilities able to improve on measurements of the properties of neutral and charged lepton flavor violation, as well as searches for new phenomena beyond the capabilities of presently planned experiments. A special session on Diversity, Outreach & Education will also be held as well as a poster session.


For the 2021 edition, to comply with the different situation in the various countries concerning  vaccines and travel regulations, we will hold the conference in mixed mode: the participants and speakers having the opportunity to travel to Cagliari (Italy) may attend the conference in person, while the others may attend and give their talks remotely.

Please, visit the main website here.


Please note that abstract submission is now open only for posters (deadline 31st of July 2021).

Via dei Giudicati, 66, 09131 Cagliari, Italy
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