Romanian High-School Students Internship Programme 2021



Feza Tankut (Universite de Geneve (CH)), Margherita Boselli (CERN), Roxana Zus (University of Bucharest), Otilia Anamaria Ducu (CERN), Marina Rotaru (Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Enginee), Cristina Melinte (Institute of Atomic Physics (Romania))

The Romanian High-School Students Internship Programme 2021 takes place from 7-20 November 2021. This programme is a unique opportunity for high-school students from CERN Member States to be introduced to CERN, its technologies and physics, as well as to learn through workshops and by shadowing, observing, and working with a member of personnel.


Registration is now closed.

We thank the 229 applicants for their interest and we congratulate them for the quality of their applications.

The selection results have been sent via individual emails to all candidates.

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CERN is  welcoming the Romanian High-School Students here in Geneva, Switzerland!




Romanian High-School Students Internship Programme 2021 (HSSIP – RO),


taking place at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) on 7-20 November 2021. 


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No participation fee applies, the programme is free of charge. The lodging (at CERN Hostel) and meals cost for all 23 selected students is fully covered by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Transportation costs are also covered from Bucharest to Geneva

The students are accompanied by three Romanian teachers from Bucharest throughout their journey and programme at CERN.


Romanian High-School Students Internship Programme 2021:

High-School Students Internship Programme Manager:
Margherita Boselli: +41 (0)  75 411 0395
HSSIP Support:
Feza Tankut: +41 (0) 75 411 7574 

In case of emergency:
CERN fire brigade: 0041 22 76 74444 (internal: 74444)


Administrative Support:

This timetable contains all the necessary information about the upcoming activities for HSSIP Romania.

Students are required to work in their assigned projects every day from 09:00 - 17:30. This means that after any activity i.e. visit or lecture, they are to return to their projects.

If you are running late or unable to go to the office due to external factors i.e. illness, please inform your supervisor.

It is recommended to check the timetable daily, as it is subject to change.

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