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Nov 24 – 25, 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

This event will take place fully online via Zoom.

The aim of the ISOLDE-EPIC workshop is to bring together the ISOLDE community with the CERN teams providing (proton and RIB) beams to ISOLDE in order to discuss the next upgrades of CERN’s low-energy nuclear physics facility, by making use of the LIU upgrades that are currently being realized (2 GeV protons at PS Booster, higher proton intensities from LINAC4). The 2nd EPIC workshop “Exploiting the Potential of ISOLDE at CERN” will focus on synergies between ISOLDE and other CERN facilities/experiments, as well as on space for new experimental set-ups using ISOLDE’s low-energy RIB’s.  Upgrade plans for the near future (~5-years) as well as ideas for the long-term future will be presented and discussed.

A list of possible upgrades have been outlined in the EPIC project (Exploiting the Potential of ISOLDE at CERN) that was submitted to the European Strategy for Particle Physics update (ESPP) in December 2018, to be considered among many other possible future CERN projects (see project #39 at https://europeanstrategyupdate.web.cern.ch/received-inputs ). 

We hope you are willing to join with us in shaping the future of ISOLDE over the coming decades.

Looking forward to your participation in the workshop in November.

This event will be followed by the yearly ISOLDE Workshop and Users meeting. If you would also like to attend this event please see further details and register via https://indico.cern.ch/e/ISOLDEWorkshop2020.


Organising Committee: K. Flanagan, S. Gilardoni, K. Johnston, R. Lica, M. Mougeot, G. Neyens, J.A. Rodriguez, S. Rothe, E. Siesling, J. Vollaire, J. Weterings