9 July 2020 to 31 December 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

This is a multi-institutional online joint seminar series, named after the famous Polish Nicolaus Copernicus whose discovery eventually marked the dawn of modern science. We invite the most outstanding speakers to introduce innovative ideas and important progress in the field of gravity and cosmology.

the upcoming 14th Webinar talk,

Speaker: Luc Blanchet (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris)

Date: September 28, Monday, 2020
Time: 4:00pm JST, 9:00am CEST, 3:00am EDT

Two-body dynamics and gravitational waves in general relativity

The monumental discovery of gravitational waves by the LIGO-Virgo detectors confirms the sophisticated predictions from general relativity and emphasizes the importance of theoretical works (both analytical and numerical) on the compact binary dynamics: two black holes or neutron stars initially detected in close inward spiralling orbits will merge to form a single massive black hole, producing a burst of gravitational waves. In this talk, after motivating remarks on the properties of gravitational waves and the new gravitational astronomy, we shall describe the analytic two-body problem in general relativity, and the post-Newtonian (PN) approximation which allows an accurate description of the inspiralling phase of compact binaries, and plays a crucial role in the definition of the gravitational wave templates used in the data analysis of the detectors. We shall also mention some recent developments where the PN approximation is computed using the effective field theory and a diagrammatic expansion in the classical limit of general relativity.


This series is co-organised by the cosmology groups in the following institutions (in alphabetical order): 

Harvard University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris (IAP), Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Science, Jagiellonian University, Kyoto University, Leiden University, Ludwig Maximilians University, McGill University, Perimeter Institute, University of Science and Technology of China, University of Tokyo, University of Waterloo.

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SOC members (in alphabetical order): Niayesh Afshordi, Robert Brandenberger, Yifu Cai, Xingang Chen, Chunshan Lin, Jerome Martin, Jakub Mielczarek, Viatcheslav Mukhanov, Shinji Mukohyama, Subodh Patil, Misao Sasaki, Alex Vikman, Yi Wang