Nov 19 – 24, 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

Meeting Notebooks and Guidelines

Software Sessions

To prepare for as effective a workshop as possible we are asking the speakers who will introduce the topics to upload their slides early.

We encourage you to take a look in advance.

We have a Workshop Notebook where we ask you to write down questions and topics that we should cover during the discussion and the chairs of the sessions will use this to ensure that we cover the most useful topics. This notebook will also be used for live notes amd discussions during and after the meeting.

Please only use the Zoom chat to discuss technical issues with the meeting, not to have scientific discussions.

The chair will ask any questions in the notebook, though you are welcome to join the discusison at any time. Please use the Zoom "Raise Hand" feature and wait for the chair to invite you to speak.

WLCG Sessions

We asked the Experiments to share slides in advance so that they can be used as input for the presentations from the technology providers (Monday) 

The topics of the Sites presentations (Friday and partially Monday) were selected following the input received from the sites themselves.  

The participants will need to use the "Raise Hand" button of ZOOM to ask a question after each talk. We have also a WLCG Notebook. This will be used to collect questions and thoughts that will be followed up after the session.