The 2021 International Workshop on Future Linear Colliders (LCWS2021), arranged by Europe, is the latest in the series devoted to the study of the physics, detectors, and accelerator issues relating to the high-energy linear electron-positron colliders CLIC and ILC. It will take place in an online format.

Since the last workshop (LCWS2019), many significant steps have been made. The European Strategy for Particle Physics Update 2020 positions an electron-positron Higgs factory as the highest-priority next-generation collider. A linear collider will operate as a Higgs factory during its initial stage, while maintaining a clear path for future energy upgrades. Preparations for the ILC in Japan have moved forward with ICFA announcing the establishment of the ILC International Development Team (IDT). In the US, the Snowmass process is currently on-going. 

With a wide programme of plenary and parallel sessions, the workshop provides the opportunity to present ongoing work as well as to get informed and involved. The programme will feature progress on ILC in Japan as a prominent theme, and will use the ILC-IDT working groups' substructure for sessions to review the progress in accelerator design, detector developments, and physics studies. The progress of the CLIC studies in the same areas will also be covered, and most sessions and topics will be common.

There is no fee but registration is needed to access the sessions.

We look forward to meeting you virtually at LCWS 2021.

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