Oct 10 – 16, 2021
Split, Croatia (or online)
Europe/Zagreb timezone

COVID-19 measures


As you will certainly understand, CERN cannot predict the spread of the virus or the evolution of event or travel restrictions, airline polices or flight/public transport cancellations. Your participation in the School is at your own risk and, in particular, CERN, University of Split and MEDILS are not responsible for any costs associated with early departure from or termination of the School, travel, quarantine, medical treatment or any other consequences resulting from being infected or a close contact during or in connection with participation in the School. Please ensure you have the necessary travel and medical insurance in place to cover your attendance.


This is a detailed COVID-19 prevention plan for the School, based on MEDILS instructions and Croatian rules, and taking into account specific requirements of the School. 

It’s important to note that the national or local rules might become more strict as the situation evolves; in which case the following School sanitary measures will be adapted accordingly.


Participants with COVID-19 symptoms will be asked not to travel to Split, and will not be allowed to attend the School. 

Arrival in Croatia

All people entering Croatia must present a valid EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate, or equivalent (more details here: https://mup.gov.hr/uzg-covid/english/286212).

Entering MEDILS institute

Only the School participants and organizers, as well as MEDILS personnel, will be present on MEDILS premises. When entering MEDILS, temperature is measured by a MEDILS employee, and people with COVID-19 symptoms (including fever, cough or respiratory problems) are not allowed to enter.

COVID-19 certificate

In order to comply with COVID-19 requirements applicable in Croatia, an EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate or equivalent (https://mup.gov.hr/uzg-covid/english/286212) will be essential to attend the School in person. Your certificate must be valid for the entire duration of the School, and will be regularly checked by MEDILS staff.

COVID-19 testing

If the COVID-19 certificate of a participant becomes invalid during the School (for example because a COVID-19 test taken before the participant’s travel to Croatia expires ahead of the School’s conclusion), that participant will be required to take subsequent tests and present their negative results. MEDILS will facilitate this by organizing on-site rapid antigen tests (valid 48 hours), performed by a specialized external company, at 8:30 on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the School, in order to provide test coverage for the whole duration of the School. These tests will also be available on a voluntary basis to all participants, including those with a valid EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate. The cost of the tests (20 EURO per test) will be covered by the School.

In addition, rapid auto-tests will be freely available to all participants, and everyone is strongly encouraged to test themselves at least twice during the School (e.g. on Monday and Thursday). The goal with these rapid auto-tests is to reassure participants and personnel, as well as to identify any infected persons as quickly as possible.

We cannot guarantee that these on-site antigen and rapid auto-tests will satisfy return travel requirements. Should you require PCR testing for any purpose, in particular for any return travel after the School concludes, then you will be responsible for arranging and paying the costs of such testing (including associated costs such as transport to and from the test site). At the time of writing, the cost of a PCR test in Croatia starts at around 60 EURO/test (https://nzjz-split.hr/en/sars-cov-2-testing-in-split-dalmatia-county-croatia/).

Sanitary measures

During the School, we will all be required to follow standard COVID-19 sanitary measures that are in line with national and local regulations. 

For the safety of all participants and personnel at the School, an individual participant’s failure to comply with the required sanitary measures will result in their immediate expulsion from the site.

  • Physical distancing: The big conference room used for all classes will be prepared to seat School participants while respecting the recommended distance of at least 1.5m between them. Similarly, the outdoor space where meals are taken will be arranged to limit the number of people per table, and increase the distance between them. Finally, the participants will be encouraged to limit close contacts especially if indoors and/or during prolonged periods.
  • Masks: In accordance with Croatian national COVID-19 guidelines, if all persons participating in an event meet the conditions required by the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate or equivalent, the event can be held without masks. However, wearing surgical masks (type 1, 2 or 2-R  / EN 14683) will be required in the following situations:
    • while queueing for the buffet meals at MEDILS, and getting the food/drinks;
    • when discussing directly with the lecturers or other participants during the hands-on exercise sessions;
    • in buses, taxis or other shared transport.
  • In additional to these rules, the School organizers strongly encourage wearing masks in all situations (other than meals) when participants interact in close proximity (less that 1.5 m), especially if indoors and/or during prolonged periods. Surgical masks will be made available at MEDILS. 
  • Hand hygiene (washing and disinfection): Hand sanitizers are available at various locations in MEDILS. Disinfecting hands will be mandatory before taking food at the buffet-style meals, and in other occasions which require touching or handling share items. Finally, participants are strongly encouraged to wash their hands regularly.

Additional measures will be implemented by the School organisers:

  • Ventilation of the common spaces:
    • The big conference room used for all classes has windows on both sides, which will be kept open during the classes to allow constant ventilation with fresh outside air.
    • The meals at MEDILS take place in the outdoor space. This space will also be used for social activities and gatherings.
  • Disinfection and housekeeping: Common spaces in MEDILS and in the hotel, and in particular the elements that are often touched (such as door handles, lift buttons etc.) will be regularly disinfected. Similarly, rooms where School participants are accommodated are cleaned regularly.

Contact tracing

School participants are strongly encouraged to install on their smartphones, and enable the Croatian app for contract tracing “Stop COVID-19”. This app is available both for Android and iOS devices, and has an English language interface. 

Alternatively, School participants can continue using their national contact tracing app, provided that it is interoperable with other national apps (see the last column of this table).

Quarantine / medical isolation

We cannot exclude the possibility that, even with all the above measures in place, one, a group, or all participants and personnel attending the School may be required to quarantine or isolate, even if they are vaccinated. 

If allowed by the local epidemiological authorities, the affected person(s) can quarantine directly at the School accommodation (but only for the duration of the School – i.e. until Saturday October 16th morning). In that case, the cost of the accommodation and food for quarantining during the School is already covered by the participant’s registration fee. 

However, any other costs of self-isolation or quarantine outside of the School accommodation, and/or after the end of the School, will be under the sole logistical and financial responsibility of the individual participant(s) concerned, and cannot be covered or arranged by the School organizers or MEDILS.