August 30, 2022 to September 12, 2022
Conference venue: OAC conference center, Kolymbari, Crete, Greece. The conference will take place in Crete in physical form, however participation is also possible via internet
Europe/Athens timezone
"Second MODE Workshop on Differentiable Programming for Experiment Design" following after ICNFP2022 (

Cancellation policy

CANCELLATION policy of OAC for OAC rooms during ICNFP 2022

Participants interested to book an OAC room are expected to

1) make a pre-reservation of their OAC room by selecting the choice "OAC room" in their registration.

2) after they receive confirmation of their OAC reservation from organizers and after they buy their ticket or know their dates, they are expected to enter the dates of their OAC room booking in their registration and pay for at least 1 night (not reimbursable).

3) Pay the full amount before the conference, when their travel plan is secured.

Payments for OAC rooms are not reimbursable if participants have paid in advance for their room for certain dates but make changes in their booking (cancel, change dates) after 30 June 2022.



Conference fees will not be reimbursed in case of cancellation or any emergency like lockdown or war or any kind of national or international emergency event, till the end of the conference.

When the conference is completed and we all return back home we will aim to do reimbursements of conference fees when requested, if this will be possible and at the level, it will be possible depending on the situation.

Due to the uncertain situation, there is no promise for reimbursement or for the level of reimbursement but we aim to do reimbursements if this will be possible.

If some talks cannot be given for whatever reason during the Crete conference, or if the conference is disrupted, or speakers miss their talks (e. g. due to time zone misunderstanding), the speakers can give their talks in an extension of ICNFP per internet-only that will take place in October 2022.