Jun 23 – 28, 2014
Europe/Zurich timezone

Info: Afternoon Session Contributors

This page contains important information for participants giving presentations in the afternoon parallel sessions only:


If you have not already registered and/ or paid the registration fee for the conference, please do this as soon as possible via the online registration form on the conference website.


The schedule for all afternoon sessions is now up on the conference website.  This schedule is subject to change, so please continue to check the website every now and then to make sure your talk has not been moved.  I will send another email once the final version is confirmed.


Length of Presentation: 

Given that each talk varies in length (exact length can be seen on timetable), queries regarding the ratio of talk to question time should be sent to the session conveners for the relevant track directly.  Their details can be found on the conference website under Scientific Programme.

Digital Presentation:

It is strongly recommended that all contributors upload their digital presentations (PowerPoint/ pdf. slides etc) directly to the conference website.  This can be done via My Contributions, when logging into the conference website.  A Submitter’s Guide with instructions for presenters is available on the home page of the conference website, under ‘Material’ (right at the bottom of the home page).

Technical Information:

Contributors should be prepared to connect their own laptop to the projector when giving the talk.  In order to do this, the device must have a digital output line (HDMI/ DVI).  Mac users should bring their own VGA adaptors where necessary.  Presenters will be provided with a remote and pointer onsite.

However, to cater for technical difficulties such as compatibility issues, we also recommend that contributors take the following measures:

1.  Upload your presentation to the conference website (as detailed above)
2.  Save your presentation to a USB stick
3.  Send your presentation to
app14@uva.nl, where it will be backed up to a USB stick for you (this is a backup option)

Contributors who do not have their own laptop should email the organisers as soon as possible (app14@uva.nl), so that we can arrange for a standby laptop to be available for their talk.