Aug 23 – 30, 2015
Europe/Athens timezone
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Poster session

Poster session

The poster session will be held on Wednesday 26th of August between 19:30 and 20:30 hours in the lobby of OAC. There will be 30 poster boards (they can be used on both sides, dimensions: 1.40x1.40m and 0.90x1.40m).

The poster presentations will be  published in the proceedings of the conference after a peer review with the same length as the oral presentations. In addition a Honorary Committee will award the best poster author.

To further encourage participation a wine tasting party will be associated with the poster session. 

Note: We kindly ask all participants to bring a bottle of typical wine or another traditional beverage of their country to share it during the poster session.

For details please contact Andrey Seryakov and CC to


Titles of posters:

  1. ADEVA, Bernardo, "Observation of resonant J/Psi_p states in Lambda_b decays"
  2. BAKRY, Ahmed, "Long range force and Y-bosonic strings in baryons"
  3. BARONE, Gaetano, "Muon reconstruction performance in ATLAS at Run-II"
  4. BERTSCHE, David Edwin, "Opto-Box: Optical Modules and Mini-Crate for ATLAS Pixel and IBL Detectors"
  5. BRUN, Rene, "Particles composition and interactions using the NUON Model"
  6. DEL PRETE, Marina, "First evidence of LPM effect in LHCf, an LHC experiment"
  7. DEMIR, Suleyman, "Massive Gravi-Electromagnetism in Terms of Octons"
  8. EYYUBOVA, Gyulnara, KRAMARIK, Lukas, "Performance of the ALICE secondary vertex b-tagging algorithm"
  9. GONZALEZ-MESTRES, Luis, "Spinorial Space-Time and the origin of Quantum Mechanics"
  10. GONZALEZ-MESTRES, Luis, "Spinorial Regge Trajectories and Hagedorn-like temperatures"
  11. LEONTSINIS, Stefanos, NTEKAS, Konstantinos, "Performance Studies of Micromegas Chambers for the New Small Wheel Upgrade Project"
  12. LIDRYCH, Jindřich, "Femtoscopy with unlike-sign kaons at STAR in 200GeV Au+Au collisions"
  13. MAYBUROV, Sergey, "Commutative fuzzy geometry and Nonlinear Quantum Dynamics"
  14. MEGIAS, Eugenio, "On light dilaton extensions of the standard model"
  15. SCHIOPPA, Marco, "Search for long-lived neutral particles decaying into lepton jets in 20.3 fb-1 proton–proton collisions at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector"
  16. SHUKHOBODSKAIA, Daria, "Modelling of interaction of material plane with spinor field in the framework of the Symanzik approach"
  17. STROJEK, Izabela maria, "Antihydrogen dynamics in the AEgIS experiment"
  18. SULEIMAN, Ramzi, "If God Plays Dice, Must We do the Same? Quantum Entanglement as a Deterministic Phenomenon"
  19. TORTI, Marta, "Search for space charge effects in the ICARUS T600 LAr-TPC"
  20. TSIRINTANIS, Nikolaos, "Search for new particles in events with one lepton and missing transverse momentum in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV"
  21. URBANOWSKI, Krzysztof, "False vacuum as a quantum unstable state"
  22. ZAHEDI, Ramin, "On Discrete (Digital) Physics: as a Perfect Deterministic Structure for Reality - And the Fundamental Field Equations of Physics"
  23. ZHANG, Zhao, "Dual condensates at finite isospin chemical potential"