International Conference on Precision Physics and Fundamental Physical Constants (FFK-2015)

Kis terem (Small conference room) (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Kis terem (Small conference room)

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

1051 Budapest, Széchenyi tér 9.
Dezso Horvath (Wigner RCP, Budapest (HU))

The International Conference on Precision Physics and Fundamental Constants is organized by the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary in cooperation with the Bogolyubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, Russia and Pulkovo Observatory, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The Conference follows the series of workshops on Precision Physics and Fundamental Physical Constants (2008-2014) which took place in St. Petersburg (Russia), Stará Lesná (Slovakia) and Dubna (Russia) (for the meeting of 2014 look at

There will be a satellite workshop before our conference in Bratislava, Slovakia on Dispersion Methods for Hadronic Contributions to QED Effects:

The workshop is devoted to precision measurements of hadronic effects like proton form factors, proton polarizability and hadronic contributions to the muon g-2. All participants of FFK-2015, Budapest are invited to attend Bratislava as well.


  • Akira Ishida
  • Albert Wienczek
  • Alexander Lapinov
  • Alexander Studenikin
  • Alexey Gladyshev
  • Alexey Grinin
  • Alexey Mironov
  • Anatoly E. Shabad
  • Anna Julia Zsigmond
  • Beatrice Franke
  • Chien-Thang Tran
  • Chloe Malbrunot
  • Claudio Lenz Cesar
  • Daniel Barna
  • David Cooke
  • Dezso Horvath
  • Eberhard Widmann
  • Emiliano Mocchiutti
  • Evgeny Korzinin
  • Ferenc Siklér
  • Gabriella Pasztor
  • Guy Ron
  • Jean-Philippe Karr
  • Jochen Krempel
  • Karoly Tokesi
  • Krzysztof Pachucki
  • Lajos Diósi
  • Leonid Afanasyev
  • Leonti Labzowsky
  • Michal Hnatic
  • Mikhail Ivanov
  • Mikhail Kozlov
  • Paolo Natoli
  • Péter Dombi
  • Rita Bernabei
  • Savely Karshenboim
  • Stefan Ulmer
  • Timur Zalialiutdinov
  • Tony Noble
  • Vladimir Korobov
  • Vladimir Melezhik
  • Vladimir Pascalutsa
  • Waldemar Nawrocki
  • Wim Ubachs
  • Wolfgang Quint
  • Yaqian Wang
  • Zoltán Harman
  • Zsolt Fulop