LISHEP has 4 Sessions performed in different dates. Session A - Dedicated to Professors of Secondary School- The next Session A will be performed in Jannuary 12 - 16, 2009. Seesion B - Is a traditional School on High Energy Physics - It will not be performed this time. Session C - Is a Workshop on High Energy Physics with specific topics -This Session will be performed between 19 - 24 of Jannuary 2009 Session D - Is a Workshop on Associated Technologies on HEP. -It will not be performed this time This year we will have on the Session C two topics of Common interest of Brazilian Community of HEP and Experiments at LHC. We will announce soon the Program and Poster of the Workshop.
Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Auditorium 11 - First Floor
Rua São Francisco Xavier, 524 20550-013 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ Brazil
International Advisory Committee