4-8 August 2015
America/Detroit timezone

Results of DM-Ice17 and Prospects of the DM-Ice Experiment

5 Aug 2015, 17:12
Michigan (Michigan League)


Michigan League

Cosmology and Dark Matter Experiment AstroParticle, Cosmology, Dark Matter Searches, and CMB


Kyungeun Lim (Yale University)


The DM-Ice experiment aims at the direct detection of annually-modulating WIMP (Weakly Interacting Massive Particle) dark matter signal using NaI(Tl) detectors. DM- Ice17, the first-generation detector with 17 kg of NaI(Tl), was deployed in the South Pole ice in December 2010 and has been successfully operated since then. R&D efforts for the quarter-tonne scale detector are well underway at the Yale Wright Laboratory and the Boulby Underground Laboratory in UK. I will present the experiment and the results of DM-Ice17 with more than three years of data. I will also discuss the science potential of the full-scale DM-Ice detector.
Oral or Poster Presentation Oral

Primary author

Kyungeun Lim (Yale University)

Presentation Materials

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