Aug 4 – 8, 2015
America/Detroit timezone

Probing Flavon-Higgs mixing effects at future colliders

Aug 7, 2015, 4:00 PM
Kalamazoo (Michigan League)


Michigan League

Electroweak and Higgs Theory EWK and Higgs Sector


Prof. Lorenzo Diaz-Cruz (FCFM BUAP (Mexico))


Current measurements of the Higgs properties at LHC seem consistent with the Standard Model. The couplings with fermions and gauge bosons, when taken as function of the particle mass, should lay on a single line. However, in models with extended Higgs sector the diagonal Higgs couplings to fermions, could lay on different lines, while non-diagonal flavor-violating Higgs couplings could appear too. We describe these possibilities within the context of multi-Higgs doublet models that employ the Froggart-Nielsen mechanism to generate the Yukawa hierarchies. Furthermore, one of the doublets can be choosen to be of the inert type, which provides a viable dark matter candidate. The mixing of the Higgs doublets with the Flavon field, can provide plenty of interesting signals, including: i) small corrections to the couplings of the SM-like Higgs, ii) exotic signals from the flavon fields, iii) new signatures from the heavy Higgs bosons. These aspects are studied within a specific model with 3+1 Higgs doublets and a singlet FN field. Constraints on the model are derived from the Higgs search at LHC, and their implications for the LFV Higgs decay H_i -> tau mu and the FCNC top decay $t\to ch$, are presented too.
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Primary author

Prof. Lorenzo Diaz-Cruz (FCFM BUAP (Mexico))

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