4-8 August 2015
America/Detroit timezone

Fermi/LAT observations of Dwarf Galaxies highly constrain a Dark Matter Interpretation of Excess Positrons seen in AMS-02, HEAT, and PAMELA

4 Aug 2015, 16:30
Michigan (Michigan League)


Michigan League


Alejandro Lopez


It is shown that a Weakly Interacting Massive dark matter Particle (WIMP) interpretation for the positron excess observed in a variety of experiments, HEAT, PAMELA, and AMS-02, is highly constrained by the Fermi/LAT observations of dwarf galaxies. In particular, this paper has focused on the annihilation channels that best fit the current AMS-02 data (Boudaud et al., 2014). The Fermi satellite has surveyed the $\gamma$-ray sky, and its observations of dwarf satellites are used to place strong bounds on the annihilation of WIMPs into a variety of channels. For the single channel case, we find that dark matter annihilation into {$b\bar{b}$, $e^+e^-$, $\mu^+\mu^-$, $\tau^+\tau^-$, 4-$e$, or 4-$\tau$} is ruled out as an explanation of the AMS positron excess (here $b$ quarks are a proxy for all quarks, gauge and Higgs bosons). In addition, we find that the Fermi/LAT 2$\sigma$ upper limits, assuming the best-fit AMS-02 branching ratios, exclude multichannel combinations into $b\bar{b}$ and leptons. The tension between the results might relax if the branching ratios are allowed to deviate from their best-fit values, though a substantial change would be required. Of all the channels we considered, the only viable channel that survives the Fermi/LAT constraint and produces a good fit to the AMS-02 data is annihilation (via a mediator) to 4-$\mu$, or mainly to 4-$\mu$ in the case of multichannel combinations.
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Primary author

Alejandro Lopez


Christopher Savage (NORDITA) Doug Adams (Stockholm University) Doug Spolyar (Stockholm University)

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