4-8 August 2015
America/Detroit timezone

HARP targets $\pi^{+}$ production measurements and $\nu_\mu$ flux for MiniBooNE

6 Aug 2015, 15:00
Hussey (Michigan League)


Michigan League

Neutrino Experiment Neutrino Physics


Don Athula Wickremasinghe for MiniBooNE Collaboration (University of Cincinnati)


The prediction of the muon neutrino flux from a 71.0 cm long beryllium target for the MiniBooNE experiment is based on a measured pion production cross section which was taken from a thin beryllium target (2.0 cm thick - $5 \%$ nuclear interaction length) in the Hadron Production (HARP) experiment at CERN. To verify the extrapolation to our longer target, HARP also measured the pion production from 20.0 cm and 40.0 cm beryllium targets. The measured production yields, ${d^{2} N^{\pi^{+}}(p,\theta)}/{dp d\Omega}$, on targets of $50 \%$ and $100 \%$ nuclear interaction lengths in the kinematic rage of momentum from 0.75 GeV/c to 6.5 GeV/c and the range of angle from 30 mrad to 210 mrad are presented along with an update of the thin target cross sections. The best fitted modified Sanford-Wang (SW) model parameterization for updated thin beryllium target $\pi^{+}$ production cross section is presented. Yield measurements for all three targets are also compared with that from the Monte Carlo predictions in the MiniBooNE experiment for different SW parameterization. The comparisons of $\nu_\mu$ flux predictions for updated SW model is presented.
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Primary author

Don Athula Wickremasinghe for MiniBooNE Collaboration (University of Cincinnati)

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