4-8 August 2015
America/Detroit timezone

Spinning the fuzzy sphere

7 Aug 2015, 17:40
East Partition (Alumni Cener)

East Partition

Alumni Cener

Field and String Theory Field and String Theory


Prof. David Berenstein (UCSB)


We construct various exact analytical solutions of the $SO(3)$ BMN matrix model that correspond to rotating fuzzy spheres and rotating fuzzy tori. After an appropriate ansatz, we reduce the problem to solving a set of polynomial equations in $2N$ real variables. These equations have a discrete set of solutions for each value of the angular momentum. We study the phase structure of the solutions for various values of $N$, as well as the large $N$ limit. In this limit the problem reduces to finding periodic solutions of a set of coupled non-linear differential equations with a fixed period. We also study the topology change transition from the sphere to the torus.
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Primary author

Prof. David Berenstein (UCSB)


Mr Eric Dzienkowski (UCSB) Mr robin Lashof-Regas (UCSB)

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