Aug 4 – 8, 2015
America/Detroit timezone

Study of the spin and parity of the Higgs boson in di-boson decays with the ATLAS detector

Aug 4, 2015, 4:00 PM
Kalamazoo (Michigan League)


Michigan League

Electroweak and Higgs Experiment EWK and Higgs Sector


Nan Lu (University of Michigan (US))


This talk will present studies of the spin, parity and tensor couplings of the Higgs boson in the H → ZZ* → 4l, H → WW* → eνµν and H → γγ decay processes at the LHC, based on 25 fb-1 of pp collision data collected by the ATLAS experiment at 7 TeV and 8 TeV. The Standard Model (SM) Higgs boson hypothesis, corresponding to the quantum numbers JP = 0+, is tested against several alternative spin scenarios, including non-SM spin-0 and the spin-2 models with universal and non-universal couplings to fermions and vector bosons. Using the H → ZZ* → 4l and H → WW* → eνµν decays, the tensor structure of the HVV interaction in the spin-0 hypothesis is also investigated.
Oral or Poster Presentation Oral

Primary author

Nan Lu (University of Michigan (US))

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