4th UK-QFT Meeting: "Non-perturbative quantum field theory and quantum gravity"

Imperial College London

Imperial College London


The workshop aims at bringing together early career researchers and
senior scientists to discuss results, perspectives, and novel trends in
quantum field theory and quantum gravity.

The format of the meeting is informal to allow for discussions and the
exchange of ideas amongst participants. Depending on demand, we
plan for up to 9 slots for short presentations.

Previous installments of this meeting took place at Kings College (2012),
U Sussex (2013) ("Advances in Quantum Field Theory and Gravity") and U Southampton (2014) ("Non-perturbative quantum field theory and quantum gravity").


Speakers: TBA

  • Ali Mozaffari
  • Andrew Bond
  • Anupam Mazumdar
  • Arttu Rajantie
  • Astrid Eichhorn
  • Carlos Tamarit
  • Christopher Ford
  • Daniel Burns
  • Daniel Litim
  • Daniele Teresi
  • Edouard Marchais
  • Edward Gillman
  • Giulia Gubitosi
  • Hamzaan Bridle
  • Jean Alexandre
  • Julio Leite
  • Kevin Falls
  • Leron Borsten
  • Lukas Graf
  • Mark Hindmarsh
  • Nick Houston
  • Oliver Gould
  • Paul Saffin
  • Peter Millington
  • Rachel Hughes
  • Raul Cuesta
  • Silvia Nagy
  • Sotirios Karamitsos
  • Steffen Gielen
  • Steve Mudute-Ndumbe
  • Tim Morris
  • Tom Griffin
  • Tommi Markkanen
  • Tugba Buyukbese
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