14-16 September 2015
University "La Sapienza", Physics Department
Europe/Rome timezone

3+N flavor neutrino propgation with NuSQuIDS

15 Sep 2015, 18:02
Aula Rasetti, second floor (University "La Sapienza", Physics Department)

Aula Rasetti, second floor

University "La Sapienza", Physics Department

Piazzale Aldo Moro, 2 - 00185 Roma - Italy


Kyle Jero (University of Wisconsin - Madison)


We introduce the SQuIDS framework, which was designed to solve quantum mechanical evolution in the density matrix formalism in an efficient way. A specialization of this package for neutrino propagation, called $\nu$-SQuIDS, is showcased. Finally, we show how this new propagation scheme is being integrated into the IceCube MC software to add flexibility for analyzers.

Primary authors

Carlos Arguelles (University of Wisconsin - Madison) Dr Christopher Weaver (U. Alberta) Dr Jordi Salvado (University of Wisconsin - Madison) Kyle Jero (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Presentation Materials

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