18-23 March 2018
Florianopolis, Brazil
America/Sao_Paulo timezone

Invited speakers


Jaume Carbonell (CNRS, France) -- Nuclear physics and its relation with lattice QCD.

Mateusz Ploskon (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA) - High-energy heavy-ion collisions - Hot QCD in a lab.

Jorge Piekarewicz (Florida State University, USA) -- Nuclear Astrophysics in the new era of multi-messenger Astronomy.

Igor Shovkovy (Arizona State University, USA) --  Magnetic catalysis in QCD in a superstrong magnetic field.

Celebration session

30th anniversary of the International Workshop on Hadron Physics -
Erasmo Ferreira (UFRJ), Takeshi Kodama (UFRJ)


Arlene Cristina Aguilar – Unicamp – Brazil -- Quark mass generation with Schwinger-Dyson equations.

Alfonso Ballon Bayona – IFT-UNESP – Brazil -- An effective holographic approach to QCD. 

Diogo Boito  – IF-USP (São Carlos) – Brazil -- Precision QCD with tau decays. 

Debarati Chatterjee – LPC – Caen – França -- An empirical Equation of State for nuclear physics and astrophysics. 

Daniel Gomez Dumm – La Plata – Argentina -- Effects of strong magnetic fields on quark matter and neutral meson properties within nonlocal chiral quark models. 

Mariana Dutra – UFF – Brazil -- Critical parameters of consistent relativistic mean-field models.

Victor P. Barros Gonçalves – UFPel – Brazil -- Implications of hadronic interactions in the Cosmic Ray and Neutrino Physics. 

Tereza Mendes – IF-USP (São Carlos) – Brazil -- Confinement and deconfinement from lattice simulations

Bruno Werneck Mintz – UERJ – Brazil -- A first survey of the ghost-gluon vertex in the Gribov-Zwanziger framework.

Arthur M. Moraes – CMS – Cern -- LHC measurements of QCD

Roman Pasechnik – Lund University – Sweden -- Probing soft QCD with exclusive reactions.

Gustavo Gil Da Silveira – CMS – Cern -- QCD probes at LHC

Wei-Liang Qian – USP – Brazil -- A quasi-particle equation of state with a phenomenological critical point for heavy-ion nuclear collisions.


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