Jul 3 – 8, 2016
The University of Melbourne
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Gravitationally Bound Condensates Formed by Bosons with Potential Energy V(A)= (1-cos(A/f)

Jul 7, 2016, 3:40 PM
Carillo Gantner Theatre

Carillo Gantner Theatre

Carrillo Gantner Theatre, Sidney Myer Asia Centre The University of Melbourne VIC 3010 Australia
Talk Dark Matter and Particle Astrophysics Dark Matter and Particle Astrophysics


Rohana Wijewardhana (University of Cicinnati)


We review our recent work on gravitationally bound condensates formed by Hermitian bosons interacting with a potential energy $\Lambda^4[1-\cos(A/f)]$. We have used an expansion method to simplify the equations of motion. The expansion parameters are the binding energy of the condensed bosons, and the ratio between the scale of the Bose field $f$ and the Planck mass. Applying our analysis to QCD axions, we find that the condensates have a limiting mass of $\mathcal{O}(10^{19})$ kg and a size of $\mathcal{O}(100)$ km.

Primary author

Rohana Wijewardhana (University of Cicinnati)

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