27 August 2017 to 1 September 2017
RAI Congress Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

[Invited] High Field Twin-aperture Dipole Magnet R&D for SPPC Pre-study

28 Aug 2017, 15:00


Invited 30 minutes Oral Presentation A1 - Superconducting Accelerator Magnets Mon-Af-Or6


Qingjin XU (IHEP)


A high field twin-aperture dipole magnet is under development as the key technologies R&D for high energy circular colliders like SPPC. The magnet is designed with combined Common-coil and block-type configurations. The main field is 12 T with 20% operating margin at 4.2 K. The aperture diameter is 30 mm. The fabrication and experimental test is divided into 3 steps: 1) 4 flat racetrack NbTi coils and 2 flat racetrack Nb3Sn coils are firstly fabricated and tested, to evaluate the fabrication process and stress management of Nb3Sn coils. 2) 2 more Nb3Sn coils are fabricated and tested together with the 1st 2 Nb3Sn coils, to provide 12 T main field in the top and bottom apertures with the diameter of 20 mm. 3) 2 racetrack ReBCO coils with flared ends are fabricated and inserted into the 4 Nb3Sn coils, to provide 12 T main field in the top and bottom apertures with the diameter of 30 mm. The main design parameters, structure, fabrication process and preliminary test results of the magnet will be presented.

Submitters Country China

Primary authors

Qingjin XU (IHEP) Kai Zhang (institute of high energy physics,china) Mr Chengtao Wang (IHEP,CAS) Mrs Yingzhe Wang (IHEP,CAS) Da Cheng (IHEP,CAS) Mr Ershuai Kong (USTC) Mr Qing Li (Institute of High Energy Physics) Mr Quanling Peng (IHEP,CAS) Mr Feipeng Ning (IHEP,CAS) Dr Fusan Chen Zian Zhu (IHEP Beijing) Wen Kang (Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP)) Xiangqi Wang (University of Science and Technology of China)

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