Zimányi 2008 Winter School on Heavy Ion Physics

Tanácsterem (Council rooms), Builidings 26 and 3 (KFKI Campus)

Tanácsterem (Council rooms), Builidings 26 and 3

KFKI Campus

H-1121 Budapest XII, Konkoly-Thege M. u 29-33 Hungary
Tamás Csörgő (MTA KFKI RMKI, Budapest, Hungary)
This School aimed to summarize some of the developments of 2008 in high energy heavy ion physics, with particular attention to the new data emerging from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) and to the first beam of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This year the one of the focal points was on the superfluid and strongly interacting nature of the perfect fluid of quarks found at RHIC, and results on penetrating probes including direct photons. As part of the traditions of the Zimányi Winter Schools, we discussed in detail recent results and advances on femtoscopy including correlations and fluctuations in high energy particle and heavy ion physics. We also discussed the preparations of the (Hungarian) heavy ion community at the LHC accelerator and and the current status of the ALICE, ATLAS, CMS, LHCf, LHCb and TOTEM experiments and their plans for the first collisions, foreseen for 2009. A special session was devoted to review diffractive physics at the LHC. Please find below the final program of the meeting and the links to the presentations. The main web page of this meeting is archived at http://zimanyischool.kfki.hu/08/ . The next Zimányi Winter School on Heavy Ion Physics will be held in Budapest, Hungary, starting November 30 Monday, 2009. More details will be given at the web page http://zimanyischool.kfki.hu/09/ . Looking forward to the continuation of this series and hope to welcome our colleagues and friends in Hungary soon.