Oct 11 – 14, 2016
Kyoto Research Park
Japan timezone

Announcement for Proceedings paper submission (16-Jan-2917)

Dear UHECR2016 participants,


On behalf of UHECR2016-LOC, we’d like to thank you again for taking part in the

Kyoto conference in October 2016, your participation made the conference significantly

successful. We hope 2017 will be a wonderful year for all of you.


Now it’s the time to make the final push for our collaborative effort to publish your

contributions in a volume of conference proceedings. The proceedings of UHECR2016

will be published from “The JPS Conference Proceedings”:


The page limit is 6 for oral talks and 4 for posters, and one or 2 page excess will be

allowed (some considerations may be made for working group reports). We note that

we’ll have a list of authors for large collaborations like Auger,  IceCube, EUSO or TA,

at the end of the volume. 


The deadline of paper submission is Mar 31 (Fri). The papers will be lightly reviewed

by editors listed below. The schedule is rather tight schedule before ICRC2017, but we’d

like to encourage your submission to collect records of all the important presentations

in UHECR2016.


To submit a paper, please go to the site


Register yourself only for the first time, and login the reviewing system. The template files

are available at 


Feel free to ask us if you have any difficulties in paper submission, sending an e-mail to


and any feedback will be welcome.


We are looking forward to receiving your articles.


Best regards,

Hiroyuki Sagawa, ICRR U-Tokyo, UHECR 2016 Chair,

Yoshiki Tsunesada, Osaka City U., Editor-in-Chief.



K. Kawata (ICRR), S. Nagataki (RIKEN), T. Nonaka (ICRR), 

S. Ogio (OCU), T. Sako (ISEE Nagoya), M. Takeda (ICRR), 

S. Udo (Kanagawa), T. Yamamoto (Konan)