Oct 11 – 14, 2016
Kyoto Research Park
Japan timezone

Scientific Program

Observational studies of UHECRs achieved remarkable progress in the last decade. The upgrade of the Pierre Auger Observatory (AugerPrime) and the extension of the Telescope Array (TAx4) are ongoing to elucidate the origin and nature of cosmic rays at the highest energies. UHECR 2016 is the fourth conference in a series that started in Nagoya (2010), and continued at CERN (2012) and Springdale in Utah (2014). The symposium will focus on the highest energy cosmic rays as well as cosmic rays at lower energies above 1 PeV, and multi-messenger approaches, including 

  • Recent results from UHECR observations and upgrade/extension plans 
  • Reports of the Working Groups on energy spectrum, composition, anisotropy, hadron interaction models and multi-messenger 
  • Next-generation observatories from space and ground

Review talks and contributions including posters will be presented by experimentalists and theorists.