2016 International Conference on Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays

from Monday, October 10, 2016 (3:00 PM) to Friday, October 14, 2016 (6:00 PM)
Kyoto Research Park

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Oct 10, 2016
Oct 11, 2016
Oct 12, 2016
Oct 13, 2016
Oct 14, 2016
9:00 AM
Opening - Hiroyuki Sagawa (University of Tokyo) (until 9:10 AM) ()
9:10 AM
Oct.11AM1 - Masaki Fukushima (Univ. Tokyo) (until 10:15 AM) ()
9:10 AM TA Spectrum Summary - Dmitri Ivanov (University of Utah)   ()
9:30 AM Measurement of the energy spectrum of cosmic rays with the Pierre Auger Observatory - Markus Roth (KIT)   ()
9:55 AM Auger-TA energy spectrum working group report - Dr Valerio Verzi (INFN Roma Tor Vergata)   ()
10:15 AM --- Coffee Break ---
10:45 AM
Oct.11AM2 -Prof. Gordon Thomson (University of Utah) (until 12:05 PM) ()
10:45 AM The sFLASH experiment: Measuring air fluorescence from Laboratory EAS at SLAC. - Prof. Pierre Sokolsky (University of Utah)   ()
11:05 AM Energy spectrum and composition constraints on the transition from Galactic to extragalactic cosmic rays - Etienne Parizot (Université Paris Diderot / APC)   ()
11:25 AM Can ultrahigh energy protons come from steady astrophysical sources? - Ke Fang (University of Maryland)   ()
11:45 AM Particle acceleration to ultra-high rigidities - Dr Martin Lemoine (Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris)   ()
9:00 AM
Oct.12AM1 - Takashi Sako (Nagoya University (JP)) (until 10:25 AM) ()
9:00 AM Measurements of the mass composition of UHECRs with the Pierre Auger Observatory - Matthias Plum   ()
9:25 AM Composition Measurements via Depth of Airshower Maximum at the Telescope Array - John Belz (University of Utah)   ()
9:45 AM Auger-TA composition working group report - William Hanlon (University of Utah)   ()
10:05 AM Hadronic interaction studies at the Pierre Auger Observatory - Dr Darko Veberic (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE))   ()
10:25 AM --- Coffee Break ---
10:55 AM
Oct.12AM2 -Dr Ralph Engel (Institute for Nuclear Physics Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) (until 12:35 PM) ()
10:55 AM Xmax Uncertainty from Extrapolation of Cosmic Ray Air Shower Parameters. - Rasha Abbasi (University of utah)   ()
11:15 AM Review of accelerator experiments relevant to air shower development - Takashi Sako (Nagoya University (JP))   ()
11:45 AM The resent results from the LHCf experiment - Hiroaki Menjo (Nagoya University (JP))   ()
12:10 PM Review of model predictions for extensive air sowers - Tanguy Pierog (KIT)   ()
9:00 AM
Oct.13AM1 - Shigehiro NAGATAKI (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University) (until 10:20 AM) ()
9:00 AM Constraints on UHECR sources from IceCube - Aya Ishihara (Chiba University)   ()
9:20 AM Multi-messengers from transient candidates of UHECRs - Kumiko Kotera (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris)   ()
9:40 AM UHECR and cosmogenic neutrinos - Venya Berezinsky (INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso)   ()
10:20 AM --- Coffee Break ---
10:50 AM
Oct.13AM2 - Etienne Parizot (Université Paris Diderot / APC) (until 12:40 PM) ()
10:50 AM A novel study connecting UHECRs, neutrinos, and gamma-rays with the objective to identify common counterparts of the three astrophysical messenger - Stefan Coenders (Technische Universität München)   ()
11:10 AM Multi-messenger signals from UHECR propagation - Alexander Kusenko   ()
11:30 AM Extra-galactic sources and propagation including constraints on Extragalactic magnetic fields - Dr Arjen van Vliet (Radboud University Nijmegen)   ()
11:50 AM High-Energy Particle Showers Observed at Ground Level in Coincidence With Downward Lightning Leaders at the Telescope Array Observatory - John Belz (University of Utah)   ()
12:15 PM Elves, Forbush decreases and solar activity studies at the Pierre Auger Observatory - Dr Roberta Colalillo (National Institute for Nuclear Physics)   ()
9:00 AM
Oct.14AM1 - tokonatsu yamamoto (Konan University) (until 10:25 AM) ()
9:00 AM AugerPrime, the Upgrade of the Pierre Auger Observatory - Dr Ralph Engel (Institute for Nuclear Physics Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)   ()
9:25 AM The TAx4 Experiment - Dr Eiji Kido (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo)   ()
9:45 AM Telescope Array Low energy Extension: TALE - Shoichi Ogio (Osaka City University)   ()
10:05 AM The status of the TAIGA project - Leonid Tkachev (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (RU))   ()
10:25 AM --- Coffee Break ---
10:55 AM
Oct.14AM2 - Markus Roth (KIT) (until 12:20 PM) ()
10:55 AM IceCube-Gen2: The next generation neutrino observatory in Antarctica - Lu Lu (Chiba University)   ()
11:15 AM The JEM-EUSO Program to study UHECRs from Space - Marco Casolino (INFN)   ()
11:40 AM The first results of the TUS orbital detector of ultra high energy cosmic rays and transient events in the atmosphere - Mikhail Zotov (Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University, Russia)   ()
12:00 PM Prospects of silicon photomultipliers for ground-based cosmic ray experiments - Christine Peters (RWTH Aachen University)   ()
3:00 PM
Registration (until 5:00 PM) ()
5:00 PM
Registration and Welcome cocktail (until 7:00 PM) ()
12:05 PM
Memorial address (until 12:35 PM) ()
12:35 PM --- Lunch Break ---
2:20 PM
Oct.11PM1 - Radomir Smida (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) (until 3:40 PM) ()
2:20 PM Cosmic Rays Energy Spectrum observed by the TALE detector - Tareq AbuZayyad (University of Utah)   ()
2:40 PM Cosmic ray physics with the KASCADE-Grande observatory - Juan Carlos Arteaga-Velazquez (Universidad Michoacana)   ()
3:00 PM Results of CR energy spectrum and mass composition study with EAS Arrays in the Tunka Valley - Prof. Vasily Prosin (Skobeltsyn Inst. of Nucl.Phys. of Lomonosov Moscow Statte Univ.)   ()
3:20 PM Estimation of the invisible energy with the data collected by the Pierre Auger Observatory - Dr Analisa Gabriela Mariazzi (Instituto de Fisica La Plata - CONICET)   ()
3:40 PM
Poster session (until 4:10 PM) ()
3:40 PM Air shower development and hadron production at very forward region - Dr Nobuyuki Sakurai (Tokushima University)   ()
3:40 PM Auger at Telscope Array: Recent Progress Toward a Direct Cross Calibration of Surface Detectors Stations - Sean Quinn   ()
3:40 PM Calibration of Photo-multiplier tubes in Fluorescence Detectors of the Telescope Array. - Dr Bokkyun Shin (Osaka City University)   ()
3:40 PM Composition studies with the Telescope Array surface detector - Prof. Sergey Troitsky (Institute for Nuclear Research, Russian Academy of Sciences (RU))   ()
3:40 PM Development of a UAV-mounted light source for fluorescence detector calibration of the Telescope Array experiment - Motoki Hayashi (Shinshu University)   ()
3:40 PM Development of the Cosmic Ray Air Fluorescence Fresnel lens Telescope for a next generation UHECR observatory - Dr Yuichiro Tameda (Facility of Engineering, Kanagawa University)   ()
3:40 PM Development of the new DAQ system for the SD array of TA×4 and TALE - Mr Yuichi Takahashi (Osaka City University)   ()
3:40 PM Energy dependence of the very-forward particle production in pp collisions by the LHCf experiment - Yuya Makino (Nagoya University (JP))   ()
3:40 PM Extracting a semi-model independent composition from Xmax distributions - Mr Simon Blaess (The University of Adelaide)   ()
3:40 PM Latest Results of the Cosmic-Ray Anisotropy with Energy >57 EeV Observed by the Surface Detector of the Telescope Array Experiment - Kazumasa Kawata   ()
3:40 PM Measurement of forward eta/pi0 production ratio at LHC √s=13TeV p-p collision. - Maiko Shinoda   ()
3:40 PM Mini-EUSO: a precursor mission on the International Space Station for the observation of Atmosphere and Earth in the UV light - Dr Marco, for the JEM-EUSO Collaboration Ricci (INFN, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Frascati (Roma), Italy)   ()
3:40 PM Monte Carlo study of diffraction in proton-proton collisions at 13TeV with the very forward detector - Qidong Zhou (Nagoya University (JP))   ()
3:40 PM NICHE: Non-Imaging Cherenkov observation at the Telescope Array - Dr Yoshiki Tsunesada (Osaka City University)   ()
3:40 PM Night sky weather monitoring system using Fish-eye CCD - Takayuki Tomida (Shinshu University)   ()
3:40 PM Phenomenology of the invisible energy: revisiting the Heitler-Matthews cascade model. - Dr Analisa Gabriela Mariazzi (Instituto de Fisica La Plata - CONICET)   ()
3:40 PM Possible implications of the differences between the Auger and TA data - Etienne Parizot (Université Paris Diderot / APC)   ()
3:40 PM Search for EeV Protons of Galactic Origin - Dmitri Ivanov (University of Utah)   ()
3:40 PM Studies of muons in extensive air showers from ultra-high energy cosmic rays observed with the Telescope Array surface detector - Mr Ryuji Takeishi (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, Univ. of Tokyo)   ()
3:40 PM Study of the microwave radiation from the electron beam at the Telescope Array site - Daisuke Ikeda (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo)   ()
3:40 PM The DAQ system and the operation condition of the RHICf experiment - Mr Kenta Sato (Nagoya University)   ()
3:40 PM The full-scale prototype for the Fluorescence detector Array of Single-pixel Telescopes - Toshihiro FUJII (University of Tokyo)   ()
3:40 PM The performance of the new LHCf detector for hadronic showers - Mana Ueno (Nagoya University (JP))   ()
3:40 PM Wide-field optics and electronics for UHECR orbital detector: from prototype to pathfinder - Mikhail Zotov (Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University, Russia)   ()
4:10 PM
Oct.11PM2 - Peter Tinyakov (Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)) (until 6:05 PM) ()
4:10 PM Summary of low energy (E < 1 EeV) spectrum and composition - Andrea Chiavassa   ()
4:35 PM (Galactic Cosmic Ray Acceleration)(TBD)   ()
5:00 PM The physics of ultra-high energy cosmic rays: spectra, composition and the transition between galactic and extra-galactic cosmic rays. - Roberto Aloisio   ()
5:25 PM Anisotropy Search in Energy Distribution in the Northern Hemisphere Using the Telescope Array Surface Detector Data - Toshiyuki Nonaka (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research University of Tokyo)   ()
5:45 PM Lightest Nuclei UHECR from nearby galactic and nearest AGN sources - Prof. Daniele Fargion (Rome University 1 Sapienza and INFN)   ()
6:20 PM --- LOC/IAC meeting ---
12:35 PM --- Lunch break ---
2:25 PM
Oct.12PM1 - Dongsu Ryu (UNIST) (until 3:25 PM) ()
2:25 PM Search for Anisotropies in the measured Arrival Directions of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays at the Pierre Auger Observatory - Markus Lauscher (RWTH Aachen University)   ()
2:45 PM TA anisotropy summary - Peter Tinyakov (Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB))   ()
3:05 PM Arrival Directions at Ultra-High Energies: A Review - Armando di Matteo (INFN and University of L'Aquila)   ()
3:25 PM
Poster session (until 3:55 PM) ()
3:55 PM
Oct.12PM2 - Kumiko Kotera (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris) (until 5:40 PM) ()
3:55 PM UHECR anisotropies and the Large-Scale matter distribution - Peter Tinyakov (Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB))   ()
4:20 PM Monte Carlo Bayesian search for the plausible source of the Telescope Array hotspot - Hao-Ning He (UCLA)   ()
4:40 PM A Close Correlation of TA Hotspot Events with Filaments of Galaxies Connected to the Virgo Cluster - Dongsu Ryu (UNIST)   ()
5:00 PM Influence of the galactic magnetic field on the trajectory of ultra-high energy cosmic rays - Dr Jihyun Kim (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)   ()
5:20 PM Nonlinear Diffusive Shock Acceleration in GRB Afterglows - Don Warren (RIKEN)   ()
5:50 PM
Banquet (until 8:00 PM) ()
12:20 PM --- Lunch break ---
2:20 PM
Oct.14PM1 - John Matthews (until 3:15 PM) ()
2:20 PM Progress in Development of High Energy Neutrino Detectors in Antarctica using Coherent Radio Techniques - Prof. Steven Barwick (UC Irvine)   ()
2:45 PM Radio detection of cosmic rays - achievements and future potential - Tim Huege (KIT)   ()
3:15 PM
Poster session (until 3:45 PM) ()
3:45 PM
Conference Summary and Discussion - Pierre Sokolsky (University of Utah) (until 5:00 PM) ()
3:45 PM "conference summary" - Alexander Kusenko   ()