Jan 16 – 20, 2017
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
Asia/Calcutta timezone


During workshop days (16-20th January):

  1. Local participants as well as outstation participants who have arranged their own accommodation, will have to arrange their own transport for attending the workshop.
  2. For outstation participants staying at the S N Bose guest house, transportation will be arranged between the guest house and SINP campus where the workshop is held. VECC guest house and SINP guest house is walking distance away from the SINP campus. On all days, the cars from SN Bose guest house to SINP will start at 8.45 AM.

Pick-Up at Arrival:

These are our plans for airport pickup:

  1. The participants who are availing the accommodation arranged by the organisers will be picked up at the airport. 
  2. For people who have booked their own accommodation in hotels, you are requested to send us the hotel address by filling the form described below. We will try to organise the pick up if the hotel is close to the  SINP campus. If we can arrange, you will be notified individually in advance. Otherwise, you will have to arrange your own transportation to the hotels.   
  3. For details, please look at the link here. We suggest that you take note of the contact numbers mentioned here.                      http://www.saha.ac.in/theory/palashbaran.pal/temp/cabSchedule.html

We regret to say that we cannot arrange any transportation for outstation participants arriving through any railway station or bus terminus. In the next point, we give some suggestions for ways to reach their accommodation using public transport.

Transportation by Taxi and Bus:

SINP/VECC Guest House: If your accommodation is at SINP guest house or VECC guest house, you can book a prepaid taxi (pay for your fixed taxi rent first) from the airport or railway station and say that you want to go to "Salt Lake Sector 1". If they ask for more specific information, tell them "AF Block, near deer park".  When you are in Salt Lake, ask for directions to the CAP (abbreviation for Calcutta Armed Police) Camp. Once at CAP Camp crossing, go north (or ask which way goes towards the canal).  The road will end at the canal after about 300 metres.  Before the end, you will find the entrance to the VECC guest house to your right. For Meghnad Saha Abasan (MSA-1), turn right at the end of the road and continue for another 300 metres, and you will see the board on your right.

If you want to take public transport, from Howrah Station take the bus 215A.  For VECC guest house, get down at CAP Camp and follow the instruction given above for taxis.  For MSA-1, get down at Boishakhi, turn left (with respect to the direction you had been travelling by bus), go to the end of the road, turn left again.  You will see a rickshaw stand on your right. Right after that, the MSA-1 board will come to your left.

If you come through any other railway station, it is best to ask how to go to Ultadanga from there.  Once in Ultadanga, take 215A and follow the instructions given in the previous paragraphs.

SN Bose Guest House: If your accommodation has been arranged at the SNBose guest house, you can of course take a pre-paid taxi to get there. In this case, while booking the taxi, mention that you have to go to "Salt Lake Sector 3".  If they want more specific information about the location, tell them that you want to go to "JD Block, near Tank 14".  There are detailed maps and instructions given at the SNBose Centre homepage (http://newweb.bose.res.in/HowToReachUs.jsp). Please consult this page for further instructions.