Aug 17 – 29, 2017
Europe/Athens timezone

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Workshop on Cont. Variables and Rel. Quantum Information

                                                  Workshop on

                  Continuous Variables and Relativistic Quantum Information​ 

                     Monday 21 - Wednesday 23 August 2017


Dr. Friedrich Koenig, University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, United Kingdom

Dr. Natalia Korolkova, University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, United Kingdom

Quantum information is now an established field of research with the ultimate goal to make quantum physics a foundation to technology, pushing limits in precision, computational power and security of telecommunication. Novel generations of experiments have made it inevitable to take relativistic effects into account. Examples are fast moving quantum systems or changes in the gravitational potential. Quantum coherence of larger scale systems is a subject currently under intense study, particularly within quantum optics.

 This workshop on Continuous Variables and Relativistic Quantum Information is intended to bring together experts on relativistic quantum information, quantum coherence, in particular on continuous variable quantum optics, in an informal setting for networking and discussion of new ideas on fundamental issues as well as applications in quantum technologies. The workshop is followed by the related co-joint workshop on Quantum Foundations.

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