21-25 August 2017
University of Washington, Seattle
US/Pacific timezone

Presenter's Information & Proceedings

If you have any question about the information or need something special, please do not hesitate to get in touch at acat2017@uw.edu! This page talks about plenary and parallel talks, posters, and paper submissions. We strongly encourage paper submissions!

Oral Presentations

There are two types of oral presentations:

  • Plenary: 25 minutes + 5 minutes of questions
  • Parallel: 15 minutes + 5 minutes of questions
  • Parallel (Track 3 ONLY): 20 minutes + 5 minutes of questions

In all cases we will be running our talks from a central computer. Your talks must be uploaded to this Indico agenda, attached to your talk. After you log in, you should have modification access (contact us if you have trouble).

Any format is acceptable. But we will be running the presentation computers with the following software which will be used in order of preference for talk display:

  • PowerPoint: we have a fully updated version of PowerPoint2016 from Office365 for both plenary and parallel
  • OpenOffice (Libre Office, 5.4.3 or a newer stable version)
  • PDF: The current version of the free Acrobat Reader software will be installed on each presentation computer.

Please do not link to your presentation stored elsewhere: we'd like this Indico to become an archive of the conference! Any file format can be uploaded though only the above two will be directly displayed during the presentation. If possible, upload the source (PowerPoint, KeyNote, LaTex tar file, etc.) as then others can re-use easily parts of your presentation (with proper attribution, of course!).

Each room has a nice projector in it - they are all by default in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The presentation computers are laptops, a few years old, with an up-to-date version of Win10 (Creators Update installed). These are not ultra powerful machines. If you have huge scatter plots or the like, there will be some lag displaying them!


Posters should be no larger than:

  • 32" x 40" (81 cm x 101 cm)

There will be room to display posters in either landscape (the standard) or portrait. We have a lot of posters for this ACAT!

Posters will be mounted on either a felt wall or on a foam core backing and placed on an easel. Tumb-tacks will be supplied for mounting, along with a place to store your poster tubes for the duration of the workshop.

Please be sure to upload your poster to your poster entry in Indico. Many people who can't attend the conference will want to look at its materials, and having them archived will make it easy. This will also reduce the number of nag emails from the conference organizers!

Posters can be printed in Seattle if you wish (check prices, it may well be cheaper to bring with you). Your options include:

  • Ram's Copy Center. Fast and easy to do deal with. This is the primary off-campus poster printer than the UW Physics department uses. For a 32" x 40" poster it costs about $50 including tax. This is a 6' walk from the conference center and they require an hour or so to print (unless the whole conference shows up at once).
  • FexEx, University Branch. A 24"x36" is about $80, and a 36" x 48" is $150, to give you a range of their prices.


Everyone should submit a paper to accompany their plenary, parallel or poster presentation. This is the most detailed record of your work for this conference. It will be published by IOP in their Journal Of Physics: Conference Series, and will show up as a small author paper in Inspire-HEP.

  • Submission deadline is 8 weeks after the close of the conference: October 20, 2017, at 11 pm, Seattle time.
  • Page Limit: 5 pages for posters, 6 for a parallel talk, and 8 for a plenary. If you need more please get in touch - but we must also consider the work load on people who are reviewing the submissions.
  • The IOP journal author page includes lots of useful information, including templates (Word, LaTeX) and a short bulleted list of must-do items.

Submission instructions will be filed in soon.

Citing Software

ACAT is trying an experiment this year: software citation of software. For a general background on this topic, see the talk given at the conference.

More info to come.

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