Aug 21 – 25, 2017
University of Washington, Seattle
US/Pacific timezone

ACAT History

The ACAT Workshop series has a long tradition starting in 1990 (Lyon, France), and takes place in intervals of a year and a half. Formerly these workshops were known under the name AIHENP (Artificial Intelligence for High Energy and Nuclear Physics). These workshops are mainly focused to bring together experimental and theoretical high energy physicists and computer scientists, in order to exchange knowledge and experience in  computing system architectures, algorithms for data analysis, and algorithms and extended calculations in high energy physics. In addition, contributions in theoretical high energy physics (including lattice calculations), nuclear physics, astrophysics, condensed matter physics, seismology, and others, are very welcome.

Recent Past Editions

A much deeper history can be found at the Prague conference website.

ACAT Series Home Page

The ACAT series has been going on a long time - even before the age of Indico. In the early 2000's the series home page was moved to a twiki, which can be found here.

Want to Host an ACAT?

That would be amazing! It is a bit of work, but less than you might think. Many of us are happy to help you put together a proposal. But probably the most important person to contact is the head of the International Advisory Committee (IAC): Denis Perret-Gallix.