26 June 2017 to 5 July 2017
Texel, Netherlands
Europe/Zurich timezone

Travelling to Texel

Despite being an island, Texel is easily accessible from both Amsterdam Central Station and Amsterdam Schipol Airport.  The closest town to Texel on the mainland is Den Helder.  From there, a ferry takes you on the 20 minute crossing from Den Helder to Texel.  The PhD School organisers have arranged for a shuttle service between the port and the school venue at two separate times on the day of arrival and will also provide a shuttle service on the day of departure.


Planning your itinerary

We are aware that most participants will be travelling to ISAPP 2017 from outside of the Netherlands and that most people will travel by air.  We strongly recommend that participants book a morning flight on the 26th June, aiming to arrive in Amsterdam between 08:00 - 13:00.  Arriving at Schipol Airport between those times will ensure that you arrive on Texel in time to take either one of the two shuttle buses to de Krim, which will depart at 14:00 and 18:00 (see below for further details).

When planning the return journey on the last day, we recommend that participants book an evening flight, no earlier than 19:00.  The shuttle bus on the last day will transport participants to the harbour in time to catch the ferry that departs at 14:00.  If all connections go smoothly, the earliest participants will arrive at the Schipol Airport is 16:00.  It is therefore advisable that participants book onto evening flights, which allow time for possible delays.

Please note, the following example is just a guide. We recommend you leave plenty of time to get from Schipol Airport to Texel and from Texel to Schipol Airport.

Example Itinerary (when aiming to get the 14:00 shuttle from Texel Harbour to de Krim):

11:31:  Take train from Schipol Airport to Den Helder (there will be one change at Amsterdam Sloterdijk)

12:56:  Arrive in Den Helder

13:12:  Take bus 33 from Den Helder Station to Den Helder Harbour

13:22:  Arrive at Den Helder Harbour and buy ticket for ferry

13:30:  Take ferry from Den Helder Harbour to Texel.

13:50:  Ferry arrives in Texel.

14:00:  Take shuttle bus from Texel Harbour to de Krim.

Please see further details on travelling to Texel below.

Travelling by Air

Whilst Texel does have it's own airport and air field, the closest airport for commercial flights is Amsterdam Schipol Airport.  Travellers will then need to take a train to the town of Den Helder, where they can cross to Texel by ferry. 

The train journey from Schipol Airport to Den Helder takes approximately 1.5 hours and the cost of a one-way (single) ticket is approximately €16,00.  To plan your journey, visit 9292.nl.

Travelling by Train

For those people starting their journey in Amsterdam, there is a regular and direct service from Amsterdam Central Station to Den Helder.  The journey takes approximately 1.25 hours and the cost of a one-way (single) ticket is approximately €14.40.

To plan your journey, visit 9292.nl.

Travelling by Car

Participants wishing to travel by car are advised to buy their tickets for the ferry in advance and to notify the organisers if they require parking at the venue.

Taking your car on the ferry costs €37,00 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and €25 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  For further information, visit TESO Ferries.

The Ferry Crossing

Upon arriving at Den Helder station, participants can take bus 33 to the harbour, where they can catch the ferry.

The ferry crossing from Den Helder to Texel is run by TESO Ferries.  The boat from Den Helder to Texel leaves once an hour on the half hour from 06:30 - 21:30.  From Texel to Den Helder, the boat leaves once an hour on the hour from 06:00 - 21:00.   The journey takes 20 minutes and a single fare for foot passengers costs €2.50.  Passengers need to buy a ticket from the ticket office before boarding the ferry. 

Full details of the ferry crossing, including timetables and fares, can be found on the TESO Ferries website and on the Texel Tourist Information website.

Shuttle Service from Texel Harbour to De Krim

On Monday 26th June 2017, there will be two shuttle services to transport participants from the harbour in Texel to de Krim; the first will depart at 14:00 and the second will depart at 18:00. 

On disembarking the ferry, use the righthand exit.  You will see the bus park just in front of you and we will make sure the shuttle displays the name of the school, so that you know which bus to take. 

The drivers will also be instructed to wait 15 minutes before departing, to make sure everyone is on.

On Wednesday 5th July 2017, a shuttle bus will transport participants from de Krim to the harbour at 13:15.  This will arrive at the harbour in time for participants to catch the 14:00 boat.

Useful Links

Texel Tourist Information - In addition to a lot of interesting information about Texel, this website also contains a lot of useful information about getting to and from Texel.

9292.nl - This website is great for planning trips by public transport in the Netherlands and they also have a useful app.

NS Trains - A useful website for planning train journeys in the Netherlands and looking up fares.

Texelhopper - Public transport on Texel consists of a fixed bus line and mini-buses. Bus 28 rides between the ferry, Den Burg and De Koog. The mini-buses take you to and from around 160 stops on the island. Mini-buses must be reserved in advance via the website.

TBO Texel Taxi

Taxi Attent Texel

Taxi Botax Texel

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