26 June 2017 to 5 July 2017
Texel, Netherlands
Europe/Zurich timezone

Scientific Programme

The Scientific Program covers the following topics:

  • High-energy astrophysics

  • Gamma rays, neutrinos, cosmic rays

  • Dark matter models & distribution

  • Indirect searches for dark matter

  • Collider searches for dark matter

  • Astroparticle statistics

List of lectures (2x90 min each):

  • Cosmic-ray sources and acceleration (Sera Markoff, Univ. of Amsterdam)

  • Cosmic-ray propagation (Fiorenza Donato, INFN Torino)

  • Cosmic-ray detection (Pier Simone Marrocchesi, Univ. Siena)

  • Gamma-ray astrophysics (Markus Ackermann, DESY)

  • High-energy Neutrinos (Markus Ahlers, Univ. of Copenhagen)

  • Dark matter candidates (Graciela Gelmini, UCLA)

  • Dark matter distribution (Mark Vogelsberger, MIT)

  • Dark matter indirect detection (Francesca Calore, LAPTh)

  • LHC searches for new physics (Sascha Caron, Radboud)

  • Astroparticle statistics (Roberto Trotta, Imperial Coll.)

Additional program:

  • Poster session

  • Workshop projects

  • Q&A sessions

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