Sep 25 – 29, 2006
Valencia, Spain
Europe/Zurich timezone
The workshop will cover all aspects of electronics for particle physics experiments, and accelerator instrumentation of general interest to users. The LHC experiments will remain a primary focus of the meeting but a strong emphasis on R&D for future experimentation will be maintained.
Valencia, Spain
IFIC – Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular Edificio Institutos de Investgación Apartado de Correos 22085 E-46071 València SPAIN
The purposes of the workshop are
  • to review electronics progress for the LHC experiments
  • to present results and original concepts for electronic research and development relevant to possible future upgrades of the LHC
  • to present innovative electronic developments for other particle, astroparticle and space physics experiments
  • to identify and encourage common efforts for the development of electronics within and between the different experiments
  • to promote collaboration in the relevant engineering and physics communities.

The conference programme will include invited plenary talks and parallel sessions for contributed papers, complemented by poster presentations. Several sessions of the conference will be dedicated to topical issues where impromptu contributions from participants are encouraged.

The main subjects of the workshop will be recent research and developments in the following areas:
  • Tracking, Calorimetry, Muon Detection and Triggering Systems
  • Accelerator and Beam Instrumentation
  • Astrophysics and Space applications

  • Custom Analogue and Digital Circuits
  • Circuit Developments in Deep Sub-micron Technologies
  • Applications of Programmable Digital Logic and Embedded Processing
  • Optoelectronic Data Transfer and Control
  • Radiation and Magnetic Tolerant Components and Systems
  • Electronics Assembly and Hybrid Packaging Technologies
  • Production, Testing, Quality Assurance and Reliability
  • Power Management and Conversion
  • Grounding, Shielding and Cooling

Authors are invited to submit papers describing original developments and new contributions, including recent progress, in the topic areas. The list above is not exclusive, so contributions on related topics could well be of interest. Manufacturers are welcome to submit abstracts on new, state of the art, electronic products or systems in the field of electronic technology for particle physics.

Abstracts (100 words long) and summaries (500 words long) without figures should be submitted by selecting 'Submit a new abstract' under the 'Call for Abstracts' option on the menu.

The deadline for submissions is:

8 May 2006 (** extended until 17 May 2006 **)

Further information concerning local arrangements, registration and hotel reservations, etc. will be available at