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Jul 9 – 15, 2017
Victor J. Koningsberger building
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Discussion session

Open Questions in the Understanding of Strangeness Production in HIC.

Everybody and especially students are encouraged to submit questions for the discussion session scheduled at 11 AM on Tuesday. This could be done either on paper which would be collected on that same morning, or by email anytime during the conference.

How to ask questions in the session

  • The email must be addressed to and have in the subject line the word SQM17Questions.
  • The text of the question should have in the first line „to #name of the speaker#“ or „to all“ and not exceed 400 characters (5 lines with 80 char).
  • Put your name at the end of the question to have your name disclosed. Questions without signature are treated as anonymous.
  • All questions will be copied to the indico page of the discussion section.
  • The chairperson of the session will decide in which order the questions will be addressed during that session.
  • All questions will get an answer on the same indico page, but maybe only after the end of SQM2017.
  • This text is available on the indico page of the discussion section.

Link to the session: