Jul 10 – 17, 2019
Europe/Brussels timezone

Flavor Changing Neutral Higgs Bosons Meet the Top and the Tau at Hadron Colliders

Jul 12, 2019, 3:30 PM
Campus Ledeganck - Aud. 2 (Ghent)

Campus Ledeganck - Aud. 2


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Prof. Chung Kao (University of Oklahoma)


A general two Higgs doublet model is employed to study flavor changing
neutral Higgs (FCNH) interactions in pp collisions.
We investigate the discovery potential of
(a) a flavor changing neutral Higgs boson decays into leptons,
$pp \to \phi^0 \to \tau^\mp\mu^\pm +X$ from gluon fusion, and
(b) production of a flavor changing neutral Higgs boson associated with a top quark $pp \to t \phi^0 +X$, where $\phi^0$ could be a CP-even scalar ($h^0$, $H^0$) or a CP-odd pseudoscalar ($A^0$).
The light Higgs boson $h^0$ is found to resemble closely the standard Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). In the alignment limit of $\cos(\beta-\alpha) \simeq 0$, for $h^0$--$H^0$ mixing, FCNH couplings of $h^0$ are naturally suppressed, but such couplings of the heavier $H^0, A^0$ are sustained by $\sin(\beta-\alpha) \simeq 1$.
We evaluate physics backgrounds from dominant processes
with realistic acceptance cuts and tagging efficiencies.
We find promising results for the LHC with $\sqrt{s} = 14$ TeV,
and future pp colliders with $\sqrt{s} = 27$ TeV and 100 TeV

Primary author

Prof. Chung Kao (University of Oklahoma)

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