10-17 July 2019
Europe/Brussels timezone

PDF Profiling Using the Forward-Backward Asymmetry in Neutral Current Drell-Yan

11 Jul 2019, 18:00
ICC - Baeckeland 3 (Ghent)

ICC - Baeckeland 3


Parallel talk QCD and Hadronic Physics QCD and Hadronic Physics


Dr Francesco Giuli (INFN e Universita Roma Tor Vergata (IT))


Non-perturbative QCD effects from Parton Distribution Functions (PDF) at hadron colliders may be constrained by using high statistics Large Hadron Collider (LHC) data. Drell-Yan (DY) measurements in the Charged Current (CC) case provide one of the primary channels to do this, in the form of the lepton charge asymmetry. We investigate here the impact of measurements in Neutral Current (NC) DY data mapped in the Forward-Backward Asymmetry ($A_{\rm FB}$) on PDF determinations, by using the open source fit platform xFitter. We find that $A_{\rm FB}$ enables new PDF sensitivity and present results showing this in presence of a thorough uncertainty analysis.

Primary authors

Elena Accomando (Universita e INFN (IT)) Dr Valerio Bertone (Università degli studi di Pavia) Juri Fiaschi (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) Dr Francesco Giuli (INFN e Universita Roma Tor Vergata (IT)) Alexander Glazov (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE)) Francesco Hautmann (Institute of Theoretical Physics) Stefano Moretti (Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC (GB)) Oleksandr Zenaiev (Hamburg University)

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