10-17 July 2019
Europe/Brussels timezone

Latest three-flavor neutrino oscillation results from NOvA

12 Jul 2019, 09:45
ICC - Baeckeland 3 (Ghent)

ICC - Baeckeland 3


Parallel talk Neutrino Physics Neutrino Physics


Liudmila Kolupaeva


The NOvA experiment is a long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment that uses the upgraded NuMI beam from Fermilab to detect both electron appearance and muon disappearance. NOvA employs two functionally identical detectors: a Near Detector, located at Fermilab, and a Far Detector, located at Ash River, Minnesota over an 810 km baseline. NOvA's primary physics goals include precision measurements of neutrino oscillation parameters, such as $\theta_{23}$ and the atmospheric mass-squared splitting, along with probes of the mass hierarchy and the CP violating phase. This talk will present the latest NOvA measurements of the neutrino oscillation parameters using neutrino and antineutrino disappearance and appearance.

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