Progress of x-band high power test platform at SINAP

Jun 5, 2018, 11:00 AM


Jianhao Tan (SINAP)


The X-band high power test platform at SINAP have been proposed several years, now the key equipment such as klystron will delivered to Jiading campus soon, and then the installment will start.
The high power test platform has great help for development of x-band high gradient technology at SINAP. Lots of RF activities on x-band have begun in recent years, and some results will introduced in this presentation.

Primary authors

Jianhao Tan (SINAP) Wencheng Fang (Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics) qiang gu (sinap) Xiaoxia Huang Zongbin Li (Shanghai Inst. of Applied Physics Chinese Academy of Science () Zhentang Zhao

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