Development of Tsinghua X-Band High Power Test Facility

Jun 5, 2018, 11:25 AM


Maomao Peng (Tsinghua University)


An X-band high power test facility at a frequency of 11.424 GHz is under constructing in Tsinghua University. The system consists of a CPI klystron with maximum output power up to 50 MW and a ScandiNova solid-state pulse modulator which provides the pulsed high voltage with the maximum flat top of 1.5 μs. Ion pumps keep super high vacuum of the inside of the klystron and the high power waveguides. RF breakdown interlock system has installed to protect the RF window on the klystron and the RF system. A pulse compressor is under development and it is expected to boost the power up to about 250 MW at 200ns pulse width. Recent commissioning results and plans for testing high-gradient structures will be presented.

Primary author

Maomao Peng (Tsinghua University)

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