Accelerator-Industry Co-Innovation Workshop

from Tuesday, February 6, 2018 (11:00 AM) to Wednesday, February 7, 2018 (4:30 PM)
Crowne Plaza Brussels (Klimt room)

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Feb 6, 2018
Feb 7, 2018
11:00 AM Registration   (Klimt room)
8:30 AM Co-financing R&D - a win-win opportunity for industry - Jean Luc Lancelot (Sigmaphi)   (Klimt room)
9:00 AM Opportunities for industry to exploit technologies in co-innovation activities - Antonio Pellecchia (ASG Superconductors)   (Klimt room)
9:30 AM Accelerator technology markets and economic benefits of accelerator R&D from an economist’s perspective - Philipp Topic (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business)   (Klimt room)
10:00 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:30 AM Comparison of existing schemes for supporting Industry-Academia co-innovation - Prof. Toms Torims (Riga Technical University (LV))   (Klimt room)
11:00 AM Superconducting magnets, from accelerators to society - Ziad melhem (Oxford Instruments)   (Klimt room)
11:15 AM Permanent and conventional magnets from laboratory to market: how R&D can develop into business - Julio Lucas (ELYTT Energy)   (Klimt room)
11:30 AM High Temperature Coated Superconductors, at the edge of technology - Alexander Usoskin   (Klimt room)
11:45 AM Lessons from XFEL construction - Riko Wichmann (DESY)   (Klimt room)
12:00 PM --- Buffet Lunch ---
1:00 PM Introduction: structuring the particle accelerator community - Jose Manuel Perez-Morales (Centro de Investigaciones Energéti cas Medioambientales y Tecno)   (Klimt room)
1:20 PM The particle accelerator market, present status and future opportunities - Robert Hamm (R & M Technical Enterprises USA)   (Klimt room)
2:00 PM Enlarging the particle accelerator market through collaborative R&D, the experience of the Integrating Activities - Maurizio Vretenar (CERN)   (Klimt room)
2:30 PM New markets and technologies offered by the European accelerator technology infrastructure - Olivier Napoly (CEA/Saclay)   (Klimt room)
2:50 PM Developments in the policy for innovation in Research Infrastructures for advanced communities - Philippe FROISSARD (European Commission)   (Klimt room)
3:20 PM --- Coffee break ---
3:50 PM How can industry collaborate with large laboratories and its benefits? - Mark Plesko (C)   (Klimt room)
4:20 PM The SME Instrument and the Fast Track to Innovation - Manuel Mendigutia (   (Klimt room)
4:40 PM EU Access to Finance for Research and Innovation - Mr Samuel Maenhout (EC RTD)   (Klimt room)
5:00 PM Eureka and Eurostars - Mrs Camilla Del Latte (Eureka)   (Klimt room)
5:30 PM B2B meetings - Mark Plesko (C)   (Klimt room)
7:30 PM --- Dinner ---
12:00 PM --- Buffet Lunch ---
1:00 PM Panel discussion   (Klimt room)
3:00 PM --- Coffee break ---
3:15 PM Conclusions - Maurizio Vretenar (CERN)   (Klimt room)