Feb 3 – 5, 2010
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
US/Pacific timezone
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Latest update to this website: Jan 26, 2010. With the increasing capabilities of microelectronic technology, future particle detectors will be able to yield new primitive quantities that are not intrinsic properties of the sensing media used. The ability to compute new primitives in near real-time is what we characterize as “intelligence”. This will enable the construction of detectors with novel functionality without the need to discover new sensing media with unusual physical properties. Two examples of new primitives are near real-time charged particle direction or charge clusters without pixel boundary effects. But the addition of such intelligence has practical challenges and in particular system issues must be addressed, such as material budget and power density. This Workshop would provide a discussion forum for the community of scientists and engineers working on development of intelligent devices. The objectives of the workshop will be to enhance the cross breeding of ideas, to compare concepts for incorporating intelligence in particle trackers, and to explore possibilities for application to other areas or primitives.
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Perseverance Hall
1 Cyclotron Road Berkeley CA, USA