5-10 August 2019
Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto Canada
America/Toronto timezone

Search for Higgs boson decays to beyond-the-Standard-Model light bosons in four-lepton events with the ATLAS detector at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV

Aug 6, 2019, 3:15 PM
Parallel Session talk Collider SM & BSM (Parallel)


Yu Him Justin Chiu (University of Victoria (CA)) Justin Chiu (University of Victoria (CA))


Current measurements permit the branching ratio of the SM Higgs to BSM particles to be as high as approximately 30%. Such exotic decays of the Higgs are well-motivated theoretically. Of particular interest is the decay of h to one or two dark sector particles called Zd. This decay occurs in models where h interacts with a dark sector which could have a rich and interesting phenomenology like the SM. A dark sector could naturally address many of the questions left unanswered by the SM.

A search is conducted for the 125 GeV Higgs decaying to one or two new BSM bosons that finally decay to four leptons (l = e, mu). The search uses pp collision data collected with the ATLAS detector at the LHC with an integrated luminosity of 36.1 fb-1. Improvements to the search using the full 2015-8 data-set are also presented.

Primary authors

ATLAS Collaboration Yu Him Justin Chiu (University of Victoria (CA)) Justin Chiu (University of Victoria (CA))

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