5-10 August 2019
Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto Canada
America/Toronto timezone

Performance of the protoDUNE-SP liquid argon detector from a particle test-beam

6 Aug 2019, 17:00
Parallel Session talk Rare Event Detectors (Parallel)


Leigh Howard Whitehead (University of Cambridge (GB)) Leigh Whitehead (University of Warwick)


The protoDUNE-SP detector is located at CERN's neutrino platform facility and serves as a prototype to validate the technology for the huge liquid argon detectors for DUNE. With a total mass of 770 tons, it is the largest monolithic liquid argon single-phase time projection chamber in the world. ProtoDUNE-SP was exposed to a variety of test-beam particles (electrons, pions, kaons, and protons) last autumn collecting data in a broad range of momenta, from 0.3 - 7 GeV/c. With the experience gained during the construction and operation of the detector, some preliminary results regarding the performance of protoDUNE-SP will be discussed. In particular, the measurements of the energy depositions from test-beam and cosmic particles and the treatment of space-charge effect, caused by the electric field distortions from the slow ion signal produced by a large number of cosmic ray particles entering the detector, will be presented.

Primary authors

Dr Georgios Christodoulou (CERN) Leigh Howard Whitehead (University of Cambridge (GB)) Leigh Whitehead (University of Warwick)

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