Sep 22 – 27, 2019
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Fri-Mo-Or27-02: 30 T generation using an intra-layer no-insulation (LNI) REBCO coil in a 17 T LTS magnet

Sep 27, 2019, 8:15 AM
Regency EF

Regency EF


Mr Yu Suetomi (RIKEN/Chiba University)


We aim to develop a persistent-mode 1.3 GHz (30.5 T) NMR magnet with a REBCO layer-wound (LW) insert, a Bi-2223 LW midsert and LTS LW outsert. Protection of the REBCO insert is of great importance and we have employed intra-layer no-insulation (LNI) method in a magnet design [1],[2]. In the present work, we developed a model magnet similar to the 1.3 GHz NMR magnet, i.e. REBCO/Bi-2223/LTS magnet, to demonstrate 30 T high field generation and protection of the REBCO insert from a thermal runaway. A LNI REBCO coil (i.d. 17.6 mm : o.d. 70 mm : length 40.1 mm) and a Bi-2223 coil (i.d. 80 mm : o.d. 124 mm : length 384 mm) were connected in series and charged in the cold bore of a 17.2 T LTS magnet. We achieved the center magnetic field of 30 T at the REBCO/Bi-2223 coil current of 265.6 A without normal voltage and discharged the coils. We made a charging test again and continued to increase the current of the REBCO/Bi-2223 coil. The REBCO coil eventually showed a thermal runaway at 289.6 A in 31.4 T which resulted in no degradation of the REBCO coil. These results provide a promising prospect of the 1.3 GHz NMR magnet with an LNI REBCO insert.

1] H. Maeda et al., IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 29 (2019) 4602409
[2] Suetomi et al 2019 SuST 32 045003

This work is supported by the JST Mirai-Program Grant Number JPMJMI17A2.

Primary authors

Mr Yu Suetomi (RIKEN/Chiba University) Mr Taisuke Yoshida (Sophia University) Mr Shunji Takahashi (Sophia University) Prof. Tomoaki Takao (Sophia University) Gen Nishijima (National Institute for Materials Science) Dr Hitoshi Kitaguchi (National Institute for Materials Science) Yasuyuki Miyoshi (Japan Superconductor Technology, Inc.) Mamoru Hamada (Japan Superconductor Technology, Inc.) Kazuyoshi Saito (Japan Superconductor Technology, Inc.) Renzhong Piao (RIKEN) Dr Yoshinori Yanagisawa (RIKEN) Dr Hideaki Maeda (RIKEN/Japan Science and Technology Agency)

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