Sep 22 – 27, 2019
Hyatt Regency Hotel Vancouver
Canada/Pacific timezone

Session Moderator Information

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a Session Moderator for MT26. The following describes the details and specifics for managing sessions at the 2019 conference. These guidelines encompass policies set forth by the conference organizers as well as editorial policies enforced for publication of the special issue of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY (TAS).

  • All MT26 sessions will have two Session Moderators. Click here for the list of assignments (password protected).
  • There are four types of sessions; plenary sessions, a special session, regular oral sessions, and poster sessions.
  • Session Moderators are not required to submit reviewer nominations for manuscript submissions/peer review, however, you are welcome to make suggestions of reviewers if you are inclined to be of help to the Technical Editors.
    Session Moderators must complete the Session Moderator Report after the session and return it to the Publication Office (Dover/Tennyson Room, Level 4).
  • For oral and plenary sessions, the blank Moderator Report will be placed onto the speaker podium prior to the session in the session room(s).  
  • For poster sessions, please go to the Publication Office (Dover/Tennyson Room, Level 4) to pick up your blank Moderator Report. 
  • If a scheduled presentation has no-show presenters and the presentation has to be canceled (e.g. was not given), the corresponding paper, if submitted, will not be considered for peer review and published in the special issue.

Session Moderators for ORAL SESSIONS have several responsibilities.

Prior to the session start:

  • Please read over all abstracts in your session before the day of the session.
  • Please go to the Speaker Ready Room (Dover/Tennyson Room, Level 4) prior to the session to check whether all presentations have been submitted. Talks will be pre-loaded to the computer in your session room. It is also a good idea to confirm which talks are loaded on the computer just prior to the start of the session.
  • Take 5 – 10 minutes prior to the session to familiarize yourself with lighting controls, computer, laser pointer, slide controls, microphones, and the general layout of the room (viewing angles, doors, noise, etc).
  • If there are any issues, please advise the conference staff.
  • Take a roll-call of all speakers.
  • PowerPoint tip: F5 will start the presentation, ESC exits.
  • Acrobat tip: Ctrl – L will enter full-screen mode, ESC exits.

Beginning of and during sessions:

  • Announce the title of the session.
  • Introduce yourselves.
  • Explain the ground rules:
    • Invited oral = 25 min (warn at 23) + 5 min for questions. Contributed oral = 12 min (warn at 10) + 3 min for questions.
  • You should introduce the presenting author and the title of each presentation.
  • Be polite but firm when enforcing these guidelines: Stand, ask the speaker to conclude. Keep control of the session time!
  • At your discretion, talks may encroach into question time, but then you should defer questions to private discussion.
  • Monitor noise, audience, etc.
  • The two moderators can alternate this task.
  • Every presentation must be exactly as scheduled. If a speaker does not show on time for his/her presentation, the next speaker shall not begin the presentation until the scheduled time. Session Moderators may fill the time before the next presentation starts by allowing more questions or initiating discussion on the subject of the session.
  • Complete and return the Session Moderator Report. Check off presentations as they are given. Also estimate the audience size. This information must be returned to the Publication Office (Dover/Tennyson Room, Level 4).
  • PLEASE! Do not let anyone walk away with the laser pointer!

POSTER SESSIONS do not require introduction of the authors or of the presentations.

  • Please pick up your Session Moderator Report from the Publication Office (Dover/Tennyson Room, Level 4).
  • Session Moderators are asked to record any posters that were not presented. One of the authors must be present at most, if not all, times with the poster presentation.
  • Walk the session multiple times. Note that in some cases, an author may need to attend to more than one poster, and thus might not be present during your first survey, so you may have to return later. Poster presenters have been instructed by Conference Management to leave a note on their posters to say when they will return. Feel free to remind the attendees of this request.
  • Complete and return the Session Moderator Report to the Publication Office (Dover/Tennyson Room, Level 4). Record posters that have been mounted and are attended by a presenter, posters mounted but have no attendant, and posters that are missing entirely (No-Show column). Please take note of the policies that follow when completing this form. Estimate audience size.
    • Poster policy #1: If a poster is placed on the poster board but an author is not available for the entirety of the session, this is not considered as having been presented. Please make a note on the session Moderator Report in the No-Show column.
    • Poster policy #2: Posters that simply consist of a posted copy of the paper (even if enlarged) are not considered to be poster presentations. Please mark the poster as a No-Show in the Moderator Report.

If you are unable to drop off the session moderator report by 12:15 on Friday, September 27, please email the completed report to Centennial Conferences or fax it to [001] 303-499-2599.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Centennial Conferences by email.