Oct 19 – 21, 2019
Mentouri University, Constantine 1
Africa/Algiers timezone


Dear Students and young researchers

Have you ever wondered how the huge amount of data collected from the LHC are handled, analyzed, visualized and made sense of ?

The Cirta-Challenge-1* is here to introduce you or to enhance your skills in the most exciting and promising revolution of the recent decades : Machine Learning and Deep Learning for HEP. It is mostly open to graduate students from various Algerian Universities who are participating to TIC-HEAP and will be coached in parallel to the afternoon sessions on Saturday afternoon. Others researchers could certainly participate to the Challenge, but they will not benefit from the coaching session (It falls during the regular sessions of the meeting) and won't be considered for the award.

During the introduction session, we will equip you with all the tools you need to tackle the Cirta-Challenge. A data science challenging task applied to CERN open data to extract patterns and knowledge at a massive scale. 

Details of the challenge (links, data, tasks and PRIZES) will be announced on the first day of the Conference. Stay tuned and register** !

* Cirta is the ancient name for Constantine. This contest (ML for HEP) is a first-time event in Algeria. It has been conceived and will be directed by Sabrina Amrouche and Dalila Salamani, two young researchers from the University of Geneva.

** In order to register, send an email to TIC.HEAP2019@gmail.com just mentioning in the title: Cirta-Challenge

Results of Cirta-Challenge

The winners are :

1. Accuracy price :  Sofiane Ouaari

2. Potential price :  Rabah Bouadjila

3. Tenacity price :  Rayane Ziter

For the challenge you can find it here : https://zindi.africa/competitions/tic-heap-cirta-particle-classification-challenge

Higher resolution Cirta-Challenge 2019 poster is available here

Background picture: A. Louadfel, 500px.com/Louadfel